Bill Frist for Vice President…

I could not be happier that the former Governor of Massachusetts Mitt Romney will be the inevitable Republican nominee for President. He is smart, capable, eloquent and has a wonderful family including his wife, the gracious and beautiful Ann Romney. While Mr. Romney is far from perfect and has his fair share of deficiencies that will make it tough to beat President Obama in the fall, he is by far the best choice we have and I predict he will do everything in his power to win. As I previously wrote, Mr. Romney has a lot to do to improve his campaign and make himself more palatable to voters. The one thing that could easily improve his prospects in the fall would be to choose a running mate who is competent, experienced and as dashingly handsome as he is. Personally, I think there is no better choice for a running mate than the former Senator of Tennessee, Bill Frist.

Mr. Frist was the Senate Majority Leader from 2003-2007, and he had been a Senator of the great state of Tennessee since 1995. He has a M.D. from Harvard and even performed surgery on the honorable David Petraeus after Petraeus was shot during a training accident in 1991. During his tenure in the Senate, Mr. Frist worked tirelessly to pass important legislation and was an important ally to then President George W. Bush. He is unabashedly conservative, but restrained in his temper, much like Mr. Romney. Tapping Mr. Frist as his running mate would enable Mr. Romney to garner the support of conservatives and at the same time develop a ticket that is powerful on ideas and substance. Moreover, he can win the election not through pandering but through offering America a viable alternative of two experienced conservatives who have great power to change Washington for the better.

Now, I know most conservatives will be pushing Mr. Romney to choose a rock-star like the current Senator of Florida Marco Rubio or the effulgent Wisconcsin congressman Paul Ryan. They are fresh faces with bold ideas, and have galvanized support from the Tea Party and Republicans alike. Tempting as it may be, there are problems with these two choices. The first problem is that Mr. Rubio has been in the Senate for less than two years, and therefore does not have that much experience. I understand there is a possibility that we would get an increase in Latino support, though I remain dubious since 45% of Latinos voted for Bush/Cheney in 2004 without either one of them having any trace of Latino ancestry. I also understand that winning Florida may be more attainable with Mr. Rubio on the ticket. However, this will only exacerbate the rhetoric that Mr. Romney is a panderer and the media will have a field day investigating his Cuban heritage. Mr. Ryan, on the other hand, has been serving Wisconsin’s 1st congressional district since 1999. He has also been the Chairman of the House Budget Committee for the past year and since then has passed bold initiatives to deal with Medicare, Social Security and our astronomical debt. He is also a fan of Metallica, something I personally admire. That being said, Mr. Ryan repeatedly refused the request of The Weekly Standard’s Bill Kristol and conservatives alike to run for President. So, why would he agree to a role that would put him a heart-beat away from the presidency? Also, as he stated on last week’s “Fox News Sunday”, he can perform his role of enacting sensible conservative policies from the role he currently has. With Mr. Romney as President, you can bet that his point man will be Mr. Ryan, and rightfully so.

The point I’m trying to make is that we don’t need a “game changer” like we did in 2008. We need someone who is reliable, knowledgeable and accomplished. While Mr. Rubio and Mr. Ryan deserve enormous respect and may one day be qualified to run for President on their own, I say we choose a solid conservative who is charming, well-spoken and will not be victim of endless media persecution due to an unsavory past. Unlike former Mississippi Senator Trent Lott, Mr. Frist has never (publicly) said anything that could be interpreted as racist. So even though he’s a Southerner, he won’t be accused of having clandestine sympathies for the Ku Klux Klan. In fact, he has traveled to Africa to support global health and anti-poverty initiatives as part of the One campaign in 2008. During his time in the Senate, he had very few controversies and would not worsen Mr. Romney’s habit of making too many gaffes. Like Mr. Romney, he has been married for a very long time and walks the walk of being a family man. I say conservatives should resist the urge of nominating a rock-star and go with a safe nominee: BILL FRIST FOR VICE PRESIDENT, BABY!!!

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